Sunday, 23 October 2011

narakasur in goa 2011

hi everyone.I have posted before about narakasur in goa and few photos of diwali is coming closer so people in goa have started making narakasurs.If you visit goa at this time of year you can see many small and big narakasurs all around.people of all ages take part in making narakasur but it is mostly small kids and youths doing the major work.since few days are remaining now The making of the devil has started!!!!

A lot of efforts are put making these narakasur idols.These narakasur idols are made using wood,grass and paper.first a skeleton has to be built and then complete the statue using grass and sack and paper.the coloring is mostly done on the day before diwali.The huge narakasur idols on takes more than 10 days to make and its not an easy task.It involves lot of artistic work.
i'll be posting more photos of narakasur's so stay tuned :)


  1. Wow :) This is super cool....

    I did not know about Goa...and Narkasur connection....

    Chintan Gupta

  2. thanks chintan.You will find this tradition of making narakasur only in goa.almost all the people go out on the narakasur night to see all the narakasurs in the city.

  3. hi... could you please tell me how the mask is made???